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As a business owner, you 're probably aware of the multitude of 'loyalty' plans on the market. Through the clutter, good ol' fashioned punch cards are still the most popular loyalty plan used by local businesses today. People love them!

A Kiosk On Your Phone!

It's no secret that businesses who interact with their customers create more loyal customers. Punch card type programs have remained popular because they motivate customers to revisit their store several times in order to redeem a reward.

With our unique rewards system, your customers use their own phone to sign up, eliminating the need for expensive equipment.

The New Game Changer in Loyalty

Our Digital Punch Card is the ultimate money maker for local businesses.

4 - 5 times more opt-ins than other plans!

It's digital so no more losing cards!

No expensive equipment needed!

Customers sign up on their phone!

Customers love the simplicity!

You'll love the POWER!



"Customers are searching for coupons they can load on their smartphones...eliminating the need to carry slips of paper around."



"People LOVE receiving mobile coupons from businesses that they like."



Customers Also Want Your Specials Sent To Their Phones!

This Unique System REMINDS Them To Come Back!

That's right! As well as the old punch cards have been received, if somebody lost their card or simply forgot about it, there was no way for the owner to invite that customer back. Until now.










With your new Digital Punch Card System, if they haven't shown up for a specified amount of time (3 weeks for example), they will automatically receive a text message reminding them to come back.

"We miss you! Your tummy needs us! Come on back and get more points toward your reward!"

The Technology


At the core of our system is a technology called SMS (Short Messaging Service). This is the same technology being used by thousands of local businesses nationwide to energize their existing customer base to spend more money. The concept is simple but explosive. As your customers 'opt-in' to your digital punch card program, they also automatically sign up to receive specials and offers via text message on a regular basis right on their phone.


As an example, if you own a restaurant, you could send a coupon out to your customer base in the morning for a free appetizer if they buy 2 entrees for lunch that day. Think about the surge in business you'll have for lunch! This type of campaign is highly popular because people love receiving offers from businesses that they like. As powerful as this feature alone is, this is only where our unique system starts.

How many more customers would you like to have?

Want more customers? Maybe hundreds more? The second phase of our system is our power phase. This one reaches out into your marketing area all around your business and 'motivates' people to check you out and start buying from you.

Nothing does what this does!

Advertising and marketing dollars are less effective right now than they've ever been. With our system you can:

1. DOUBLE the response you typically get on your marketing

2. INCREASE your customer base by 300% to 1,000% RAPIDLY

What are your numbers?

How many people do you think see your ads and marketing materials and intend to respond but don't get around to it?

How would you like to 'capture' those people and 'remind' them to come in?


Now you can!

Suppose these people saw something like this on a flyer or on an ad somewhere:

Can I track how well this unique system is working for me?

Yes! One of the greatest features of our entire program is everything is trackable. When somebody opts in to your program, their information is saved in your back office --PLUS-- your phone will automatically notify you when they either opt in or redeem a coupon. With this powerful system, you can easily track everything!


The power is in the numbers!


Want more customers?

More sales from your current customers?


Then call us today for a powerful 6-minute interactive demo that will blow you away!

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