Frequently Asked Questions



1. Do I have to sign a long term contract?


Not at all. After the one-time set up fee, the program is month to month. You can cancel at any time. There is no long term commitment.


2. Is your system difficult to master?


Nothing could be easier! We can train you at your location or remotely, whichever is best for you. We'll have you zipping through your campaigns in no time. Our entire system, as robust as it is, only takes a few minutes to learn. Plus, you'll have access to a whole library of videos and tutorials if you need them.


3. How soon can I expect to see results?


Right away! Once you learn the system and implement you first campaign, you'll see results fast. If you want same day results, run a campaign in the morning for an afternoon special. Remember, your VIP Club (your current and expanding customer base who 'opt in') will receive your offers instantly on their mobile phone. This is a great way to fill those dead hours.



4. What types of support do you offer?


Feel free to contact us anytime here. You can submit a help request via email. Of course, you may call us as well at (405) 830-3624. Please contact us anytime you need to. 



5. What types of businesses will your system work for?


Great question. There are a multitude of ways to implement SMS services into practically any type of business or project. Here are a few examples of how our service may be used:


1. Retail. Send out a coupon to get 1/3 off of selected items today and tomorrow only.

2. Restaurants. Let your VIP Club know about that free order of Hot Wings if they buy 2 entrees between 2-4 this week.

3. Hair salons. Offer a free bottle of shampoo with the purchase of a perm.

4. Dentists. Offer teeth whitening for 50% off this week only.

5. Chiropractor. One free consultation for new patients only.

6. Insurance agencies. Notify potential clients in your marketing area of products they might need.

7. Churches. Reach deep into your community with creative invitations.


6. How often should my business send offers to our customers?


That depends on your business type. Generally, restaurants send offers weekly, and most other types of businesses will aim their campaigns to go out 2 to 3 times per month. Your goal is to send out just enough offers to keep your customers and potential customers engaged and on their toes.


7. Will my customers be able to stop receiving messages if they want to?


Absolutely! Upon opting in to your VIP Club (or whatever you want to name it) your members will receive a message that informs them that they can type 'stop' to opt out. Less than 5% of people opt out of SMS campaigns because they love receiving mobile specials from businesses that they like.


8. I have 2 locations. Can I combine them both?


You can add as many locations as you need to. We're confident that with your new powerhouse SMS customer generator, you may be adding locations sooner than you thought.




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